Saturday, September 29, 2012

Business Growth Requires Extraordinary Executives - Trust and Respect

In most companies, employees have some degree of mistrust for executives. After all, executive meetings are confidential. Although many executives do their best to treat people fairly, their job is to make the tough decisions that can unfortunately include layoffs and other unpleasant surprises. Full trust of executives may be lacking, but as long as employees show them respect, the relationship usually works. Over the decades, such an environment has become rather "ordinary".

Executives who want their company to be more than ordinary, however, should consider the following truth:

Maximum Employee Performance Can Only Be Achieved When There Is Mutual Trust and Respect.

The Rationale:

1. When employees feel trusted and respected, they return it. Trust and respect are not earned with a title, nor do they just exist. Instead, they are verbs. If executives want trust and respect, they must "give before they receive".

2. Trust brings inner security, which allows people to reach for lofty goals without fear. In ordinary companies, people who don't feel trusted are insecure, and so they do the minimum to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, the cumulative effect of a workforce doing the minimum will cause a company's performance to be mediocre, at best.

3. When trust is given, people are much more likely to live up to it. It is human nature for people to show those who trust them that they have made the right decision. As a result, trusted people have the best chance at becoming star performers.

4. Mutual respect helps attach people to the company with their hearts. When employees do not respect the company's management team, their concern for organizational success leaves something to be desired. Indications of a lack of respect are "fudged" expense reports, long break times, absenteeism, high turnover and a slow work pace.

But when employees truly feel respected and respect management in return, they form a bond with the company. Instead of working hard because they are being paid, they care about the company's results and do the maximum possible. With a company full of people doing the maximum, customers and competitors will wonder how such performance is possible!

Convincing people that you trust and respect them is not an overnight process. But the rewards are much more than worth it! The following are some important steps toward progress:

- Trust and respect employees first, even if you don't feel it is mutual.

- Don't mistake the show of respect with the presence of it.

- While titles gain "displayed" respect, actions earn actual respect.

- Ask for the opinions of others and value them.

- Believe in people, and show them that you do.

- Treat the lowest level people like royalty.


Dale Quarto has over 30 years of executive experience. As a former CEO, he grew his company from a small local information provider to one of the largest in its industry. Dale is now CEO of Quarto Growth Systems, LLC, which, unlike traditional consultants, provides downloadable tools that help business owners and executives plan and execute company growth. Quarto Growth Systems' complete program of systems can be found at In particular, the program includes a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use system for building a strategic plan to grow your company.

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